HD Video - Catfight in mini dresses - Nastja vs Emily - 11:44

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HD Video - Catfight in mini dresses - Nastja vs Emily - 11:44

Edward Photography and Videowork
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The fierce battling between our two blonde catfighters continues in this fantastic down-and-dirty apartment punching struggle. It was only a matter of time before these raging women display their power with a series of hard breast and belly hits, truly attemt to destroy each other with nasty punches and kicks to very sensitive places of their so sexy bodies. This apartment catfight becomes extremely rough as both bodies continually smashed with bare fists and high heels. Especially opponent’s breast, belly and crotch are the main targets for permanent attacks! One loser is finally dragged into submission, lying completely knocked out on the couch. Absolutely one of the fiercest catfights between these both hotties! We recorded this battling with two cameras and this videoclip has two versions of this catfight. So you will have two views because you want’t nothing to miss.

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Clip Duration - 11 min. 44 sec.

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Apartment catfight in mini dresses between Emily and Nastja - Duration: 11 min. 44 sec.

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